Quote From the review:  The high standard is apparent already in the initial CONCERTO BAROCCO  on the double violin concert by J. S. Bach with George Balanchine's neoclassical choreography. Balanchine, the choreographer of Georgian ancestry, created the work in 1941, and it was one of three ballets of New York City Ballet's first appearance in 1948. Today, the work continues as a popular classic and a typical example of Balanchine's choreographic vision where music and choreography are structurally and thematically combined so that we can really “see” the music.
The evening ends in a really uplifting performance and demonstrates the vibrant rhythm of SAGALOBELI, choreograped by Ukrainian Yuri Possokhov. A suite of expressive Georgian folk music accompanied with the ensemble's changing movements, where gender roles are clearly shown in a way that seems to reflect both tradition and present. The fact that the State Ballet of Georgia can really enchant its audience was shown in an encore – a nice ending to a great performance. By Jan-Peter Kaiku.