Gizo Jordania’s Public Funeral procession will take place from the Tbilisi Opera House

On November 19, 2016, Gizo Jordania, director and People's Artist of Georgia passed away at the age of 82.
Badri Maisuradze, Artistic Director of the Tbilisi Opera House together with Zakaria Paliashvili Opera and Ballet State Theatre expresses deep sorrow and condolences to the family of Gizo Jordania, his relatives and to the entire theatrical community.
The Public Funeral will take place tomorrow, on November 22, at 13:00 in the Zakaria Paliashvili Opera and Ballet State Theatre. The Funeral procession will take place from the Opera House at 15:00.
Gizo Jordania is a holder of numerous prizes and laureate of many awards. He has staged more than 100 plays, more than 70 shows and public festivals both in Georgia and abroad. Hadji Murat, Mindia of Khogai, Samanishvili’s Stepmother, The Diary of Anne Frank, Hamlet, Abesalom and Eteri, and The Threepenny Opera – comprise just a small list of the director's creative works.
Gizo Jordania has had an invaluable contribution to the Georgian theatre art.
His role in the development of the Georgian State Opera Theatre is special.
In 2016 the renewed theatre opened with Abesalom and Eteri staged by Gizo Jordania.