The Italian newspaper L'ARENA “The Ballet of Georgia - as Gorgeous as Degas’ Ballerinas” ...

After State Ballet of Georgia performed in Ristori Theater, Verona, Italy, L'Arena, an Italian newspaper published an extensive review with the title “The Ballet of Georgia –  as Gorgeous as Degas’ Ballerinas”.
Quote from the review: “Bart Cook worked with young Georgian company, which consists of mostly female dancers (25 members performed on stage, out of 65, as others are now on tour in Valencia). The company expressed great loyalty and respect towards Balanchine’s flawless technique, which is the result of wise comprehension of various schools, influenced by the choreographer’s typical pathetic poetic style of expression. Their significant athletic skills are especially vivid in pas de deux performance (for instance pas de deux from Swan Lake), where body moves aside to show bareness of soul.

The company is banded; however, each dancer’s individuality is well expressed, which demonstrated exceptional synchrony in Bach’s Concerto Barocco. High jumps, everlasting balance and flawless pirouettes were presented by Nino Samadashvili and Yonen Takano in the third-act pas de deux of Swan Lake as well as Nutsa Chekurashvili and Samudi Elieze in joyful Tarantella, composed by Gottschalk.