Mikhail Lavrovsky is working on the revival of ROMEO AND JULIET

The Ballet Company is working on a revival of ROMEO AND JULIET. Mikhail Lavrovsky conducted rehearsals in November. The revived ballet will be presented in January, 2018.

Mikhail Lavrovsky: “I would say it honestly, without humility that Dad really worked this ballet out. Despite the fact that he faced many obstacles while working in Leningrad, eventually, he created a masterpiece. Even hostile Europe greeted staging of ROMEO AND JULIET from the Soviet Union with a great ovation. Almost a century has passed since its premiere. I agree with Nina Ananiashvili when she says that even the brilliant ballets need to be renewed after some time. We are working on a new redaction. What about the Ballet Company, it was 30 years ago when I worked in Tbilisi last time, back then and also now, generation is talented. I am delighted: they are fine, dancers of high level”.

In Tbilisi the premiere of ROMEO AND JULIET was conducted on 19th May, 2006 and due to the reconstruction of the Theatre for several years it has not been presented.