Announcement by “Saukunis Saunje” (Century Treasure), Organizer of THE FIRST GARMENT project

According to the announcement by “Saukunis Saunje” (Century Treasure), Organizer of The First Garment, the premiere of the play was postponed for one day. Because of the fact that the project is specific and needs special technics, “Saukunis Saunje” (Century Treasure), Organizer of the project hired special equipment. In the working process, during the general rehearsal a technical problem appeared, which, in spite of our efforts, we were unable to resolve in a short time. “Saukunis Saunje” (Century Treasure), the Organizer of the project The First Garment apologizes for postponing the premiere. The tickets for both performances are valid. The owners of the tickets for May 31 will be able to attend the premiere on June 2. As for the June 1 premiere, there are no changes.