Rehabilitation of the building

The renovation of the building of Z. Paliashvili Tbilisi Opera and Ballet Theatre (Currently – State Opera House of Georgia) began in 2010 with the financial support by the Kartu Foundation (the chief architect of the project - Larry Medzmariashvili).

The project plan was to restore the theatre completely. The building was restored from inside and outside: the foundation was strengthened, the roof was covered with the sheet copper, the façade and the interior were renewed but preserved their original appearance, the upper and lower mechanization of the stage was completely changed; the orchestra pit became wider; ultra-modern video, audio, intercom and lighting systems were installed; internal and external networks were entirely changed; the hall was restored and gilded anew; the theatre was equipped with high-class instruments (among them two large concert Steinway grand pianos); the seats in the hall were restored completely; the crystal chandelier with 100 bulbs which had been made according to Nodar Ergemlidze’s design in Austria, was restored; the theatre was fully furnished with new furniture and computer equipment; Djansugh Kakhidze rehearsal hall was changed (a small stage and a place for orchestra were made); open verandas and an exhibition space were added. New dressing rooms for actors, a new hall for rest during entr’actes and a dining room for the staff were made. The garden near the theatre was widened and rehabilitated.

With the financial support of the Kartu Foundation two powerful Panasonic projectors were acquired, which will reduce the stage management costs of the productions. Austrian company Wagner and Serbian company Svetlost installed modern projectors for lighting, the German company Salzbrenner media equipped the Opera House with the latest Sound equipment. Today, Tbilisi Opera and Ballet Theatre has technical capabilities not lagging behind the leading opera houses of the world. 
Renovation works lasted 6 years, hundreds of employees of the Kartu Foundation were involved. In total, the renovation of the State Opera House of Georgia cost up to 40 million USD.