Tamar Iveri as Nedda - for the first time on the Tbilisi opera stage

On October 26, at 20:00, Ruggiero Leoncavallo’s Pagliacci will be performed at the Tbilisi State Opera and Ballet Theater.
A famous Georgian soprano, Tamar Iveri will perform Nedda’s part on the stage of the Tbilisi Opera State Theater for the first time. Up to now the singer has successfully performed this part  at the Théâtre du Capitole de Toulouse and at the Wiener Staatsoper (the Vienna State Opera) in the production of a famous director  -  Jean-Pierre Ponnelle.
On October 26, Tamar Iveri will have the following partners: Anzor Khidasheli (Canio); Sulkhan Gvelesiani (Tonio); Giorgi Tsamalashvili (intern) (Silvio); Irakli Murjikneli (Peppe). The Chorus and Orchestra of the Tbilisi Opera and Ballet State Theater will take part in the performance.
At the conductor’s stand - Zaza Azmaiparashvili, Director - Temur Chkheidze, Set Designer  - Giorgi Alexi-Meskhishvili.

This version of Pagliacci by Temur Chkheidze was staged at the Tbilisi Opera House, in 2006.
Pagliacci is the most famous opera by Ruggiero Leoncavallo. This work, together with Cavalleria rusticana by Pietro Mascagni, is the first example of operatic verismo.
The story, according to the composer, is taken from real life. It contains stories about the passion of the wandering actors with a fatal end.
Pagliacci was premiered at the Teatro Dal Verme in Milan on May 21, 1892. A year later it was premiered in Georgia at the Georgian Theatre on October 4 and at the Opera Theatre (the so-called “Treasury Theatre”) – on October 13, 1893.
Thanks to the lively, organic development of the brilliant music, original orchestra, and dramaturgy, Pagliacci has been a great success since its premiere. According to official data it is in the top 20 of the most-performed operas worldwide.