Renewed tours started in Tbilisi Opera and Ballet State Theatre

Visitors to the tour will have the opportunity:
Together with the guide to see the unique building of the theatre with its blue and red halls and the main hall;

To get acquainted with the history of the building in the Georgian and English languages ​​and see the personal belongings of theatre singers, dancers, composers, conductors, directors and artists;

To get into the former attic where Jano Kakhidze rehearsal hall is located now, and the veranda from which the beautiful view of Tbilisi is seen;

To see the exhibition hall of the Theatre Museum and the exhibits in it;
To make memorable photos.
Visitors to the museum exhibition hall will be able to see the unique material depicting the history of the theatre: the 19th century chandelier that was in the red hall during the fire of 1973; a chair that escaped burning; the sketches of the plans performed by Leri Medzmariashvili and Murtaz Chachanidze, according to which the after-fire restoration works started; the unique, previously unknown photo material of the burned and half-demolished theatre; the gold plates of the gold plated interior of the theatre. Visitors will also see stage sets of singer Tsisana Tatishvili, her accessories, jewellery and personal items; her favourite perfumes and eye-glasses, Amneris's costume, wig and headwear from "Aida", black and white hand fans made of ostrich feathers and nacre from "Tosca"; exclusive photos of the singer's personal life, interesting letters and greetings that the singer received from her fans after successful performances.
Tours operate three times a week: on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, from 11am  to 5pm.
Tours cost 15 GEL per person. Free admission for children under 12.

To join a tour, please contact the Theatre Information Service: Tel.: 2 00 44 66