Balet Festival

About the Festival

The Tbilisi Ballet Festival was founded in 2017 to promote the art of ballet. Nina Ananiashvili is the Festival's Artistic Director. The Tbilisi Opera and Ballet Theatre, where the Festival has been held, hosted performances by renowned ballet companies and well-known ballet artists as part of the Ballet Festival program.


Nina Ananiashvili

Artistic Director of the Tbilisi Ballet Festival:

Any ballet festival is a meeting point of classical and modern, soloists and corps de ballet, seasoned performers and new stars, the famous and unknown, artists and art lovers, individuals and companies, East and West. A meeting point where everyone learns and teaches simultaneously.

Dance in general and ballet in particular are the most emotional and honest art forms: one cannot lie when words are not involved. I do not remember who said this, but the person was quite right: “Life without dance is a mistake”.

May Terpsichore and Euterpe bless your Festival experiences!


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