Victor Dolidze


Opera in 3 acts
Libretto by VICTOR DOLIDZE After Avksenti Tsagareli’s comedy KHANUMA

Conductor: Revaz Takidze
Director: Ioane (Vano) Khutsishvili
Set and Costume Designer: Georgi Alexi-Meskhishvili
Principal Chorus Master: Avtandil Chkhenkeli

Choreographer: Iliko Sukhishvili jr.

Artistic Director: Badri Maisuradze

*The late-comers will not be allowed in until the first interval.



Act One
The feast is in high peak in the family of Prince Levan Palavandishvili. The song of the Prince is heard, who is returning from hunting. Prince Levan joins the guests when Levan's nephew Kote, who has just returned from a long journey, enters.  Everyone is excited, they greet Kote. Matchmaker Babusi does not waste time and promises a wife to him.  Matchmaker Babusi approaches Levan and tells him secretly that everything was arranged with Tkuilkotriashvili’s daughter, Keto. But now Levan is eager to enjoy the feast and does not pay any attention to Babusi.
The guests soon get up. Everyone is heading for the garden. Kote stops his uncle. He wants a word with Prince Levan. Kote tells him that he is going to marry and is afraid that his fiancée’s  father will be against. Levan is happy and tells Kote that he himself is also planning to marry, and although he does not have enough money he thinks that Tkuilkotriashvili will not refuse him the hand of his daughter because of it. Kote is greatly surprised to hear the name of his fiancée. His agitation worries Levan, but Kote quickly calms him down. The Prince goes to the garden to join his guests.
Mathmaker Barbale enters. Kote rushes to the matchmaker and complains about his troubles. Barbale calms him down, advises him to listen only to her and everything will be all right. Kote, now full of hope, bids farewell to Barbale and leaves.
Barbale immediately begins to act. Levan, Maro and Babusi enter. Barbale turns to them and tells them that she has already arranged everything about Levan’s marriage. Everyone is surprised. A quarrel between the matchmakers starts. Levan undertakes to make peace between them. He suggests to settle the dispute by casting lots. Babusi wins and Barbale is furious. The loser is thrown out of the house. Barbale leaves but is full of determination: let's see who will remain the winner!
Act Two
Rich merchant Makar Tkuilkotriashvili is sitting at the table and is dreaming of money. Today Tkuilkotriashvili is in a special mood: his daughter will soon marry the "respected" Prince Levan. The Prince himself is just about to visit to meet his daughter.  Makar orders her to dress in new clothes. But Keto is nervous and asks her father not to marry her to Levan. Makar orders her to keep quiet and get ready. Tkuilkotriashvili goes away. He is followed by grieving Keto.
Kote enters. He wants to see Keto. Soon Keto and Barbale appear. Kote is afraid that the angry father may surprise them. But Barbale calms him down: if Makar comes, they will tell him that Kote is here to tune the grand piano.
At this time Keto's cousins - Sako and Siko enter. Both are in a cheerful mood, they sing a merry song about wine and food.
After Siko congratulates her, Keto tells him that she will not marry Prince Levan. She loves another man - Prince Kote. "He is also here," Keto says and points to her fiancé.
Sako and Siko are astonished. Barbale’s voice is heard amidst the commotion. She shows them the letter that she allegedly found on Keto’s table. In the letter, Keto addresses her father and says that she has decided to kill herself as she does not want to marry a man who she does not love. In her death, she blames her father and Sako and Siko, who helped him.
Sako and Siko are worried about this and they are about to leave, but Barbale does not let them go as she needs their help.
Makar enters while they talk, he is nervous as he is expecting the Prince and asks everyone to get ready for the occasion.
After Makar leaves, Barbale announces her action plan. She will be dressed in bridal clothes instead of Keto, but it’s necessary to ensure that Makar is away from the house for some time. He should be given a letter in which the investigator summons him urgently. They quickly compose the letter.
Suddenly the shouts are heard: "they are coming, they are coming." The guests enter. Makar also enters. Soon the Prince appears. Makar is handed the letter. He apologizes to the guests and leaves.
Barbale, dressed as a bride, seizes her chance. With Ugly bride's entrance Levan’s and the guests’ patience runs out.  Agitated Levan draws his sword. All of a sudden everything is in chaos: the guests run away. At this time Makar returns home. Babusi is following him, but as they see the enraged Prince with his sword drawn, they quickly turn around and run away.
Act Three 
Makar  speaks to his nephews. He cannot understand how it is possible that the Prince did not like his daughter. Sako tells him that it is all matchmaker Babusi’s fault, and Makar did the right thing to summon Barbale. She will solve everything.
Barbale enters and humbly greets Makar. Notwithstanding the fact that Makar more than once has offended Barbale, she is still ready to arrange the broken deal for certain amount of money. The wedding is scheduled in one hour.  Astonished Makar quickly gives her half the amount and signs the letter in which he agrees to marry his daughter to the Prince… Here he forgets the first name of the Prince. Barbale prompts him “Kote” and Makar writes it down. Keto enters. Father tells her to follow Barbale without any argument and do whatever the latter tells her. Barbale sends Keto, accompanied by Siko and Sako to the Chuch where Kote is waiting for her.  Makar looks at Barbale who is walking away and is wondering how she can make the Prince to agree in such a short time. "Pah, pah, pah! What a hot-tempered Prince! He says: "It's good, I have escaped him in good time!"
Suddenly, matchmaker Babusi enters running and tells Makar that Barbale  broke the deal. How? Makar is astonished. He has just given his consent to Barbale to marry his daughter to Prince Kote! “But our Prince is called Levan!” Tkuilkotriashvili now realises that he was deceived. They rush to the Church in a hurry. But it's already late. Keto and Kote are already married.
The music is heard, the newly-wed enter. After short greetings, Keto and Kote remain alone. From now on, nobody will be able to take away their happiness.
Makar also enters. He brings Levan to convince him that his daughter is not ugly. The guests gather gradually.
Sako asks Makar to bless his daughter and son-in-law. Makar is about to start a quarrel, but Levan calms him down: he is genuinely happy that his nephew married a beautiful woman and gives him half the property. Everyone congratulates them. Barbale is proud of her victory. She has another woman chosen for Levan. Everyone laughs at matchmaker Babusi.