Pyotr Tchaikovsky

The Nutcracker

Ballet In Two Acts

Staging Choreographers: Alexey Fadeechev and Nina Ananiashvili
Staging Conductor: Papuna Ghvaberidze
Staging Designer: David Popiashvili
Costume Designer: Ana Kalatozishvili
Lighting Designer: Virginio Levrio
Make-up Designer: Alexander Shevchuk

Assistants to the staging choreographers: Tatiana Rastorgueva and Ekaterine Shavliashvili

Tbilisi Z. Paliashvili Opera and Ballet State Theatre Orchestra

Conductor - Papuna Ghvaberidze

Director of the Ballet Company
Nina Ananiashvili

*The late-comers will not be allowed in until the first interval.



In the new version of the ballet, which belongs to Alexey Fadeechev and Nina Ananiashvili, the action takes place in a Georgian setting, at the Dadiani family’s house and the Mtatsminda Park. The children, Barbare and Levan’s friends dance around the magical tree. After the battle between the Mouse King and the Nutcracker Prince, in the Land of Sweets, the Spanish, Chinese, French, Indian and Russian dolls join the celebration. Snowflakes dance their wonderful waltz at a festive ball.


Act 1
Guests are gathering for a Christmas party at the Dadianis’ home. Among them is Drosselmeyer, a family friend, German engineer and craftsman. He is the godfather of Barbare, the Dadianis’ daughter. Drosselmeyer has brought the children wonderful presents. One is very special: a Nutcracker doll.
The children are waiting impatiently to light up the Christmas tree and see the presents. Suddenly, Drosselmeyer appears disguised as a magician, who brings the toys to life. Godfather gives a teddy bear to Barbare, and the Nutcracker doll to Levan, Barbare’s brother. Barbare likes Levan’s present very much. Naughty Levan treats the Nutcracker in a cold-hearted manner, and accidentally breaks the doll. With great tenderness, Barbare comforts the injured doll and asks her godfather to fix it.
It is late at night. Everyone is sleeping at the Dadiani house. In the dark room appears the magician Drosselmeyer. Barbare returns to see the broken Nutcracker. Suddenly, mice creep out from the dark corners of the room. Barbare is frightened. The kind godfather Drosselmeyer sends Barbare on a magical dream journey. Slowly, the walls of the room start to move, and the Christmas tree starts to grow. All the dolls come alive. The dolls and the Mouse King come out of the giant wardrobe. The Mouse King commands his army to attack Barbare and the dolls.
Frightened Barbare and the dolls look at the Nutcracker hoping for his help. The Nutcracker leads the soldiers to fight a battle with the mice. The forces are unequal. The Nutcracker is left alone, but continues to fight bravely. Desperate Barbare throws her shoe at the Mouse King. The scared mice carry off the Mouse King and scurry away.
The battlefield is now empty. Only the Nutcracker lies on the floor unconsciously. Barbare hurries to his rescue.
And suddenly a miracle occurs… Barbare sees that the Nutcracker Doll has transformed into a handsome Nutcracker Prince and they appear in Mtatsminda Park, where everything seems magical. Snowflakes go round dancing with the dolls. Drosselmeyer the wizard calls the Miraculous Ladybug, Barbare and the Nutcracker Prince. They head off to a magical land full of candies and sweets.

Act 2
Barbare and the Nutcracker Prince, together with the Miraculous Ladybug, hurry toward the Land of Sweets. The mice suddenly attack them. Once again, the Nutcracker Prince goes boldly into battle and defeats the enemy.
There is a celebration in the Land of Sweets. The dolls have been set free from the evil mice. Drosselmeyer appears and presents Barbare, the Nutcracker Prince, the Sugar Plum Fairy and her cavalier.
Barbare and the Nutcracker Prince are happy - they have reached the kingdom of their dreams, where the Christmas tree is decorated with colorful candies. The dolls perform dances from their countries of origin.
The Christmas Eve is over and so is the magical dream…
Barbare, still in the thrall of the fabulous dream, is sitting in the room. She tells everything about her adventure to her parents. Godfather Drosselmeyer and Levan enter the room. Everyone realizes what a wonderful Christmas dream Barbare has seen. Levan gifts the Nutcracker Doll to Barbare.